Hoo-man, do you feel sad and incomplete when you are not able to take your cat along with you? Do you feel your walk or cycle ride towards the park is incomplete without your cat? Worry not; cat backpack came up with the perfect fix for your favorite travel companion and you.

Of course, it’s difficult for your cat to be carried or to walk long distances. Whether it is a picnic by the lake or park, not too far for a drive, not to close for a walk (in the case for your cat), you do need to invest in a nice, cozy, backpack for your four-legged best friend.

We cat backpack offer you bags, just fit your needs, our backpacks are designed with love, keeping all the factors suitable for a pet. Our product displays our true-love for the cat, and it is present in every element of the design of the bag.

We ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable with you inside the bag, with safety, where it can see outside, from front mesh window that opens, hence cat not feeling trapped.

This cat backpack carrier is also designed with ventilation holes, for suitable air-flow, giving you the flexibility to carry your cat for long hours straight, without putting your cat in distress. Evidently, the backpack is very comfortable from the inside and spacious, even for big cats.

For your ease, the backpack is made with very sturdy comfortable fabric, with removable a platform at the base for ease of cleaning, safety hooks to fasten your cat to safety, and straps to hang it on your shoulder, another set of straps to tie around your chest.

The design element is stepping the bar up for the next designs in terms of fashion and comfort together. We offer you various designs and sizes, along with color, to accommodate your preferences.