Cat Claw Tips: Besides sleeping for more than half a day, cats love scratching. As much as we love our kittens and grownup cats, we love our furniture as well. We sure don’t want our expensive furniture to lose its new-look. What should cat lovers do then?

What is the Purpose of Cat Claw Tips and Why They are Used

There are ways to declaw your cats but cat lovers are seeking a more gentle alternative for their cats. One popular solution these days is using cat claw tips. This solution is secure and free of toxicity which helps in stopping destructive cat clawing.

Catclaw tips have risen in popularity over time and set a loyal fanbase of happy cat owners. But the question is, do they work? Are they comfortable for the cat? Keep reading and find out everything about nail caps for your cat.

What is Cat Claw Tips?

Cat claw tips basically are small nail caps glued to your cat’s nails. There are few companies that manufacture this product but mostly Soft Paws company manufactures them. They are affordable products that minimize the damage inflicted by the sharp cat’s claws.
No need to visit a groomer, this inexpensive product is easy for you to apply at home. Nail caps stay glued for about 6 weeks until the nail grows back and the cap falls off. They usually come in neon colours but are available in other colours as well, in different sizes to suit every individual cat.

Are Claw Caps Safe?

Many animal behaviour counsellors consider cat claw tips as absolutely safe. The caps don’t prevent the cat from retracting their claws. If applied properly, they don’t cause any pain or damage to the paw.  The caps only prevent unwanted scratches and the cat’s nails will grow naturally even without any problem. One drawback is that the caps prevent cats from using their defence mechanism.  The products come with a disclaimer stating that nail caps are not for outdoor cats and should only be used for strictly indoor cats.

Why Use Claw Caps?

People buy claw caps to protect themselves and their furniture from harsh scratches. Cats have sharp claws that help them protect themselves from becoming prey. But that is not the only reason, to sharpen their claws cats scratch things.

While outside, they can scratch tree trunks but inside the house that only damages the furniture and your legs.

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Do Claw Caps Prevent Cats From Scratching?
Absolutely not. Claw caps prevent cats from causing any real damage. People on the internet have mixed feelings about this product. Some say it’s cruel or look horrific. A few common misconceptions state that:

  • The caps trap the sweat in the cat’s nails
  • Cats become incapable of fully retracting and stretching their claws
  • Gives the cat a hard time while walking

But there are several satisfied customers who say that cat claw tips do none of the above and are a great product that protects your furniture while allowing the cat to do everything in their routine.

Techniques You Should Try Before Using Cat Claw Tips
The Internet is full of great content on how to train your cats to not scratch the home furniture. There are much valuable advice to consider and techniques to follow such as:

  • Provide your cat with specific furniture for them to scratch like scratching poles, cat trees, and condos. This allows the cat to scratch as much as they desire without damaging any furniture.
  • Find ways to discourage your cat from scratching the furniture and cover the furniture with tin foil using a plastic protector or double-sided tape.

Inevitably your cat will give up from scratching the furniture of the house completely, that is when you can uncover all the furniture. If that’s not the right method for you, then clip your cat’s nails.

Clipping the nails will reduce any excessive damage to your furniture and never stops your cat from doing anything else e.g stretch their bodies, spread or leave their scents around your whole house. If this doesn’t work and you can’t train your cat, then opt for cat claw tips (caps). Only vets can tell if your cat is facing any problem with the caps on their nails or you can easily identify if the caps are suitable for them.

Claw Caps is a much more civilized and humane way to prevent damage instead of opting for declawing your cat, which amputates one-third of your cat’s paw and falls under animal cruelty.