1) Will you cancel my order or is it possible to refund or return?

We never cancel orders. If in case you received a product and find it damaged so we do exchange it with another product if you’ll contact within 30 days of delivering the parcel along with the receipt and the tracking i.d as well as a proof, for example, a picture or a video of the product that is damaged.

If, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you may send it but only within
30 days.
But, the item should be in the original condition, as you received it, and unused. The packaging must
also be returned.
Also, the proof of purchase or transaction, receipt, should be sent back.
Owing to these conditions (if applicable), partial refunds are granted only.

  • Bag which has been used
  • Bag that has been taken out of original packaging
  • If any part is missing, damaged, or broken
  • If the item returned after 30 days of the date of purchase

2) Do you have details of comparison style and features?

Yes we do have it on our homepage: https://catbackpack.net/

3) How much time is required for you to deliver?

Usually, we deliver our orders to USA customers in 15 to 20 days. Other countries’ orders arrive in 20 to 30 days.

4) Do we rush shipping?

if you order 5 or more products, we will prioritize your shipment and it will reach to you in 5 to 10 days.

5) Can a backpack be used as a car seat?

Yes, it can be used as a car seat as it is a great bag to strap the seat belt into. It seems to be comfortable while using a backpack as a car seat.

6) From which place I will be able to know about each cat backpack and how much weight it can hold up to?

Our cat backpack is best for all types of cats in terms of size and weight. it can holds weight up to 25 lbs.

7) What if the cat has to litter while traveling in a backpack?

The best idea is to bring a litter box or take it out after some time so that there is no littering takes place. Pee pads can be used too. Another way is to machine out the mat, but we don’t guarantee that as we don’t have substitute options for it.

9) How to clean the backpacks?

You can clean the backpacks by the help of the vacuum. It is extremely useful for cleaning the backpacks as it doesn’t let a single stain stay on it.

10) Where is the shipment made?

We can ship at your doorstep as we are shipping worldwide. We try to deliver as soon as possible but due to some emergency sometimes we do delay the order but that delaying is worth it as we never sacrifice on our products.

11) How much is required for shipment?

We provide free shipping on your orders. yes 100% free shipping.

12) Do you ship to PO boxes?

No, we don’t as they are more into using UPS as a shipper or the FEDEX. If the parcel is below 3ln USPS it can be expensive.

13) Can the dog be placed in backpacks for traveling?

Yes, it can be as far as it doesn’t have a lot of weight. Moreover, people do use that for chicken, rabbits.

14) How can you send me an update when I place an order?

You can contact us by sending an email on (info@catbackpack.net). or you can give us a call @ +1 719 426 2335