Dog and Cat Harness and Leash Set Small Medium Nylon Mesh: Putting a collar on your pet’s neck can prove to be a bit harsh and risky. Whether a cat or a dog, they tend to run abruptly, when you pull the collar, it puts a high amount of pressure on the neck through the jerk.

Dog and Cat Harness and Leash Set Small Medium Nylon Mesh

Hence we created the dog, and cat harness and leash set small medium nylon mesh is the ultimate solution to your problems. The cats and dogs harness the most secure and gentle way to control your pet when you are out.

These harnesses are the best solution to your problems. Furthermore, if you pair them up with some carrier bags from our website, you would create a killer combo to keep them in control when you go out with your pets.

Key Features

There are many features of the dog and cat harness and leash set small medium nylon mesh which you should know.

If you are looking for an effective vest in the summer, you need to know that the vest has to be breathable and lightweight so that they become easy for your pets and a way to relieve themselves of the scorching heat.

The nylon mesh allows the harness to be airy, and this air passage keeps the structure fresh.

Gentle Yet Strong
The purpose of the vest is to distribute the pressure throughout the body of the pet. This makes it easy to manoeuvre your pet on the road without necessarily hurting them. Whenever you are pulling the strap, the weight and the force are applied to the entire body.

The harnesses are very stretchy and durable. They have passed international quality tests, which means that they are very robust and can prove to last a lifetime before they wear out.

Only intelligent weight distribution is not enough. If it has to bear force, the vest should be durable, so we made it very sturdy. The vest is made of nylon, which allows it more strength than the standard versions.

Furthermore, the strap is also made from the same material and holds the same strength as the vest. Lastly, the hook is made of thick metal, as this is the point which bears the most force.

As a whole, the structure is entirely secure and robust. Even in cases where the cat/dog suddenly runs after someone or something, and you pull them back with force, the buckle will not break and will surely endure all the force involved.

The dog and cat harness and leash set small medium nylon mesh is amazingly designed and built from the most durable fibres which do not wear down. The fibres are durable and effectively absorb the elastic energy produced.

Whenever you buy any product, what is the first thing that you look for? The price, right? Would you buy an overpriced product? No, we know it, and we do not want to put any pressure on you. Hence we kept the price of this harness very low.

Although it can be used for various pets, there should be a choice within it too. Hence cat backpack has not failed to provide a choice in the harnesses too. We mentioned in the previous point that there are many models available with diverse colours.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Blue

There are also sizes available.

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Get the Harnesses Today
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