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Small Astronaut Cat Cage: Buyers are head over heels about this new small astronaut cat cage because of its unique style and chic patterns. This bag can comfortably fit your pet along with all your camping or hiking essentials.

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Small Astronaut Cat Cage | Breathable Carrier Bag Puppy Cat

Time to worry is over; all cat and dog owners! We have the perfect travel bag for you in the market. Now you no longer have to carry your pet around or leave it alone at home.

The all-new small astronaut cat cage is the perfect travel bag for your cat or your little dog, and it is all you need. This travel bag has many convenient and user-friendly features, along with being environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

This new pet carrier bag is the luxury statement of today, and the perfect product for your pet you can’t miss!

Key Features/ Product Description:

Buyers are head over heels about this new small astronaut cat cage because of its unique style and chic patterns. This bag can comfortably fit your pet along with all your camping or hiking essentials.

The breathable carrier bag is just what all cat and dog owners need. From convenience to maximum comfort, chic style to transparent breathable back, this backpack has it all. It has several exceptional features, some of which are mentioned below:

Ideal sizes and super spacy:
The small astronaut cat cage comes in three sizes, ideal for your furry friends. The smallest size has dimensions 6.5x13x8.5 inches/ 42x33x22 cm, while the medium size has dimensions 17×9.5×12 inches/ 43x24x31 cm, and the largest one has dimensions 18x15x11 inches/ 28x37x46 cm.

Flexible handles and adjustable straps:
This pet carrier backpack has a soft and flexible tote handle and soft padded adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable waist straps with clips, ensuring maximum stability and equal weight distribution on shoulders.

The backpack also has a cushioned back for maximum comfort to the carrier.

Hard transparent back:
This unique pet carrier backpack has a hard transparent back so that your pet can enjoy a complete view of the outside while it rests its tired legs.
The hardback is friction-less, waterproof and scratch proof, and requires simple maintenance.

Breathable holes:
The product is designed to have up to 12 breathable holes for maximum ventilation and air circulation and to provide the utmost comfort to your pet.

This portable carrier bag also has breathable mesh lining on the sides so that your pet feels comfy and cozy, and not once feeling suffocated.

Replaceable bottom pad:
This portable pet space capsule comes with a replaceable EPE foam base that is easily removable and replaceable due to the bag’s easy-to-use features.

This anti-dirty replaceable foam pad helps to keep your backpack clean and very comfy and relaxing for your furry friend.

Safety Clip:
The small astronaut cat cage comes with a safety clip attached to a strap so that your cat’s collar remains hooked to your bag and cannot jump outside and hurt itself.

Accessories to install dome:
The breathable pet carrier bag comes with multiple accessories and an installation guide. These accessories include the clear plastic panorama dome window, a rubber grip to seal the dome, and a breathable mesh cover to put under the dome.

Anti-dirt rubber Grip:
This feature is one of the best. Astronaut cat cage has small rubber pieces fixed to the bottom of the backpack that help keep the bottom fabric protected and make it more long-lasting.

Now, hurry up and place your order for this handy pet space capsule. Available in multiple solid colours as well as amazing printed patterns, which include colourful flowers, butterflies, leaves, etc. as well as the classic Pokémon red and white bands, this bag is something you do not want to miss!

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